Travel Blogger 2018 Round Up – Part 3

Botswana -

I’m delighted to be able to share the final instalment of my 2018 travel blogger round ups. This three part blog series has featured some amazing travel bloggers – from students travelling whilst studying to full time, luxury travellers. The subject of the round up is travel plans for 2018, with a brief look back at 2017. I hope you guys have enjoyed this mini series as much as I did with a lot of places being added to my ‘can I visit there in 2018?!’ list!

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This post features 2 fantastic travel bloggers, thank you to both of you for taking part! Be sure to check them out! Without further ado…

1. What is your name and which country do you call home?

E: My name is Eric and I was born in Germany
D: My name is Daisy Altelaar and I am currently living in Barcelona, Spain. Al though my real home is in Amsterdan, the Netherlands.

2. Where was your favourite place you visited in 2017 and why?

E: Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. The place is so remote and magical. The biodiversity and nature is unlike anything I have ever seen before.
D: Very last minute my boyfriend and I decided to travel to Botswana. We didn’t plan anything and just left, rented a 4×4 in Johannesburg and drove into Botswana. The country is amazing! In comparison to most other countries in Africa, in Botswana the wildlife is everywhere, not only in national parks. You just see giraffes and elephants crossing the road. I really loved this experience.

3. What are your travel goals for 2018?

E: I have made no particular plans yet as I love to stay spontaneous.
D: I always travel to places with a lot of adventure and activities and have done that so much in the last years that I kind of feel like going to a place with a white beach where I can just read a book. Nevertheless, I know myself and it probably won’t happen.

Tao, Phillipines -

Tao, Phillipines –

4. Where do you plan on visiting in 2018?

E: I have many plans but mostly I would like to do the Trans Siberian Railway, scuba dive in remote islands in Papua New Guinea and visit the World Heritage site Petra in Jordania.
D: I will go skiing in Austria next week and am planning a trip to Nicaragua for February. Also, I will frequently fly home to Amsterdam and to Belfast where my boyfriend is from (we both live in Barcelona though). Apart from that there’s nothing planned yet!

5. Where would you go in 2018 if money was no object?

E: I would like to go to Tonga to swim with humpback whales. I regret not booking a flight when I was in Australia this year. The place is so remote unfortunately.
D: I really want to go to Antarctica. It actually is the dream of my boyfriend and I always tell him I don’t want to go there but if I’m really honest I would love it. However, if I go I want to go with a team of explorers and people who can tell me more about this incredible continent.

6. What is the one place people just have to visit in 2018?

E: Make sure you visit El Nido, Philippines before it is too late. In a few years the place will have become too touristy
D: San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. Actually, the whole Atacama desert. When you’re there it feels like you’re on a different planet with vulcanos, geysers, ostriches and flamingos running around and the world’s best view of our stars and planets. If you go I would recommend to climb vulcano Lascar. Which is the most beautiful hike/climb I’ve ever done.

Rainbow Mountain, Peru -

Rainbow Mountain, Peru –

7. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? If so, what are they?

E: Visit at least one new country each month.
D: I want to try to fly home every month. I can live anywhere but always get so much energy after visiting Amsterdam. I just miss cycling around the canals, being with my friends and family and sleep in my own bed. Though I’m very happy to live in Barcelona, where the sun always shines and people are way more chilled.

8. Where can people find out more about you?

E: Check out my website Stay tuned for more travel videos on YouTube soon
D: You can follow my travels and read a lot of tips and tricks to the most exciting travel destinations on

David’s Comments

I would love to visit the Galápagos Islands, I remember watching a David Attenborough documentary on it and the diversity is just unbelievable. I’d love to visit Petra in Jordan in 2018. I hope you manage your new country every month Eric. I look forward to reading and watching more!
Daisy your trip in Africa sounds amazing! The thought of elephants crossing the road rather than the sheep we get here in Scotland is just something special. I hope you get to visit Antarctica this year, it’s that one last continent just to tick off. Your pictures are fantastic and I’ll be sure to keep up to date with your travels!

Thanks for participating guys! Have a fantastic 2018 and I’ll be sure to stay in touch!

It’s been so enjoyable for me doing this mini-series and learning more about these amazing bloggers. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have and I’m sure there will be similar blogger round ups later in the year.

Tao, Phillipines -

Tao, Phillipines –

Travel Blogger 2018 Round Up Part 3

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