Travel Blogger 2018 Round Up – Part 2

Martina - Machu Picchu,

I’m delighted to be able to share the second of my 2018 travel blogger round ups. This three part blog series will feature some amazing travel bloggers – from students travelling whilst studying to full time, luxury travellers. The subject of the round up is travel plans for 2018, with a brief look back at 2017. I hope you guys enjoy this mini series as much as I did with a lot of places being added to my ‘can I visit there in 2018?!’ list!

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This post features 3 fantastic travel bloggers, thank you to each one of you for taking part! Be sure to check them out! Without further ado…

1. What is your name and which country do you call home?

M: My name is Martina and home for me is a difficult one because I grew up abroad, but I’m originally from Sweden and that’s where I return to for breaks from travel 🙂
C: My name is Christine and I live in the United States. Miami, Florida to be exact.
A: I’m Ashna from Mauritius

2. Where was your favorite place you visited in 2017 and why?

M: Machu Picchu!!!!! Everyone has to go there it’s just a must. It is the most incredibly stunning thing I have ever seen, no pictures do it justice and the story behind it is so interesting and thought provoking!
C: My favorite place I visited in 2017 would have to be Thailand. Everything from the culture, to the food, to the beaches were amazing! The people in Thailand are by far some of the kindest individuals I have ever met.
A: Bali Swing and the Tegalalang Rice Terraces

3. What are your travel goals for 2018?

M: My goals are to travel more cleverly if that makes sense. Pack more sensibly, book more in advance, plan itinerary’s in order to ensure easy trips.
C: I work full time as a Speech Language Pathologist in Miami, so my goals are to travel as much as I possibly can while holding down my job! I hope to make the most out of my vacation time by taking two big trips overseas and traveling within the US and the Caribbean for weekend getaway trips.
A: Mostly explore my home country, Mauritius and hotels, hiking etc – maybe a little trip to Rodrigues Island

4. Where do you plan on visiting in 2018?

M: I have so many places for this year! In the spring I’m looking at mostly Europe; Cyprus, Austria, Spain, maybe Iceland. Might try to squeeze in Dubai or Bali there too. I will spend my summer in Italy, Montenegro, Croatia and Greece if all goes my way and then the autumn I’m hoping to do a longer New York stay and maybe Mexico and Hawaii!
C: As of now, I’m planning to visit Cuba, Arizona, Morocco, France and Dubai in 2018. I really hope it all works out with my work schedule.
A: Same as above, exploring my home country and a lot of hiking

5. Where would you go in 2018 if money was no object?

M: Fiji. It’s number one on my bucketlist. And Galapagos… oh and all of Australia! Haha
C: If money wasn’t an issue, I would visit the Maldives hands down! I would have to stay in a dreamy over the water bungalow, with a waterslide, at Soneva Jani!!!
A: Santorini – Italy and Switzerland

6. What is the one place people just have to visit in 2018?

M: I grew up in Africa so that will always be closest to my heart. More specifically countries like Kenya or Tanzania and also South Africa. Everyone NEEDS to have been to east or Southern Africa at least once in their life. It’s unlike anything else you will experience; the culture, the food, the animals, the warm hearted people, the beaches, the corals… I can go on but I think you understand what I’m getting at.
C: I think this question will vary depending on each persons individual interests and bucket list, but I would say Santorini, Greece, if you haven’t already visited.
A: My home country, I really need to explore more.

7. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? If so, what are they?

M: I do things a bit differently and give myself January to list them all out and then get started on them. It’s mainly self improvement points but I also do goals like “by the end of the year I will have achieved this or succeeded with that”.
C: Every time I make New Years resolutions I end up breaking them, so let’s just say I have goals I’m trying to achieve :). I plan to dedicate more time to writing about my travels on my blog and building new relationships within the blogger community….and winning the lottery! 🙂
A: Be more productive and time management. Plus socialise more.

8. Where can people find out more about you?

M: My blog,, is still in the works but there’ll be quite a few posts coming up soon to really get it up and running. Otherwise I try to be responsive on my Instagram queries as much as possible and my Facebook page is also in the works. Also with the same name as my insta: theblondefootsteps!
C: If you would like to follow me along my travels you can find me on:, Instagram @planestrainsandchampagne, Facebook @planestrainsandchampagne, Twitter @PTandChampagne
A: My blog lifeandash and my insta feed!

David’s Comments

Machu Picchu has been on my must travel list for yeaaars! I’ll need to follow your advice Martina! Full time travel is the goal and your 2018 plans make me so jealous! I’d definitely recommend a trip to Dubai. I can’t wait to read all about your trips coming up.
Christine, I’m totally with you on the travelling as much as you can whilst holding down a job. Santorini has come up a lot in these posts and it really does look incredible. I’ve only been to Athens so that’s another destination on my must travel list!
Thanks Ashna, I’ll be sure to check out your posts and pictures of Mauritius and Bali. Two places I’d love to visit!

Thanks for participating guys! Have a fantastic 2018 and I’ll be sure to stay in touch!

Travel Blogger 2018 Round Up Part 2

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