Travel Blogger 2018 Round Up – Part 1

Sun Island Maldives,

I’m delighted to be able to share the first of my 2018 travel blogger round ups. This three part blog series will feature some amazing travel bloggers – from students travelling whilst studying to full time, luxury travellers. The subject of the round up is travel plans for 2018, with a brief look back at 2017. I hope you guys enjoy this mini series as much as I did with a lot of places being added to my ‘can I visit there in 2018?!’ list!

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This post features 3 fantastic travel bloggers, thank you to each one of you for taking part! Be sure to check them out! You’ll find all of their social media links within question 8. Without further ado…

1. What is your name and which country do you call home?

V: Vicki Garside – originally from the UK, but currently calls Melbourne home (for now!)
E&R: The Adventurous Pear… Euan & Ruby, from England.
T: Todd @visit50, USA

2. Where was your favourite place you visited in 2017 and why?

V: I think it would have to be Christmas Island – it’s a remote Australia island territory over 2600km from Perth and full of incredible landscapes, wonderful wildlife and an amazing local community (there’s less than 2000 people that live there!)
E: I visited Lake Como (Varenna) with my friend and it was incredibly beautiful and cannot wait to return with Ruby in the future.
R: Paris, because there is so much to see and loved the food. We are going back in 2018 and are very excited to see what we didn’t manage to see the first time we went!
T: Ooh I loved Barcelona but Mexico might win for me. Loved!

3. What are your travel goals for 2018?

V: I’d love to get back to Africa (specifically East Africa – Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania etc) – I visited Southern Africa in 2016 and left a piece of my heart there. I’m also thinking of spending three months in Europe over summer, as it’s been a while since I was based there.
E&R: We want to do as much travelling as we can once we finish our last year at university. Hopefully we can explore Asia and do some ‘proper’ travelling.
T: and my Instagram @visit50 are both focused on inspiring people to visit 50 countries by age 50. I’m at 49 so far, so 2018 will be a big year!

4. Where do you plan on visiting in 2018?

V: Africa, Europe and Asia – although specific countries are yet to be decided!
E&R: We have a trip planned to Oslo and Paris. We are loving travelling around Europe but we hope to venture to some more exotic locations after University.
T: No plans yet, but hopefully African safari in Tanzania, Kenya, or South Africa. Or the Galapagos islands. It’ll be a big trip! Saving up! Here’s my top 10, I’m planning to update it soon for 2018

Lake Como,

Lake Como –

5. Where would you go in 2018 if money was no object?

V: To the Antarctic – it’s the final frontier!
E&R: Santorini, Mauritius, New Zealand….. better stop there as the list is endless.
T: See above. Saving up! New Zealand would be at the top of my list in that scenario too.

6. What is the one place people just have to visit in 2018?

V: Oh, that’s a tough one – but I’d probably have to say the Maldives (see the featured picture!). Over-water bungalows, beachy paradises and the ultimate in relaxation. What could be better?!
E&R: We would just love to go to Amsterdam as we have heard it is lovely but haven’t quite made it their yet.
T: Very difficult to narrow it down!

7. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? If so, what are they?

V: I don’t tend to make New Year’s Resolutions, I think they put too much pressure on people and make NY a ‘now or never’ focus. If you want to make a positive change in your life – any time of the year is good, and it’s the effort you want to put into yourself for yourself (and not for everyone watching) is what counts the most.
E: Stop buying domino’s pizza as it is outrageously expensive!! Which can go towards travelling instead.
R: Improve fitness and travel as much as possible.
T: I set goals and determine my strategy for actually achieving them. I never thought I’d get to 50 countries, but I’m so close!

8. Where can people find out more about you?

V: You can mostly find me on my website: MakeTimeToSeeTheWorld or if you’re feeling social I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.
E&R: – Which is rather bare bones at the moment. Our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.
T: 3 places:, Instagram, Facebook. Plus: The About section of my blog has my bio and how I caught the travel bug.

David’s Comments

Vicki your Maldives pictures are just amazing and the more I read your blogs on it, the more I want to go! Antartica would definitely be on my list if money was no object as well. Tick off the most difficult continent!
I’m with you on Dominos Pizzas Euan but as much as I want to give them up because of the (ridiculously high) price I just don’t think I can! I’m looking forward to reading all about you and Ruby’s trip to Asia and the photos when you visit.
Finally, good luck Todd, I’m sure you’ll smash the Visit50. I might have to join you on the 50 before 50 challenge after I get my 30 under 30 challenge finished next year! Enjoy Tanzania, I’m sure you’ll have an interest in the guest blog I have coming soon…

Thanks for participating guys! Have a fantastic 2018 and I’ll be sure to stay in touch!


Mexico –

Travel Blogger 2018 Round Up Part 1

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